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Matxani Gran is a typical Menorca farmhouse, as the etymology of its name indicates its remote origins are pre-Roman. The main house was built in the early eighteenth century, during the first British domination of the island of Menorca. The barn of 600 square meters, as indicated by an inscription on the inside, was built on the year 1771, and at the time was the largest one of the island.

In 1987, a British couple, Shaun and Jenny, transformed the farm and it became one of the first agritourism in the island. Since 2010, we Yola i Llorenç, get closer to our dream with Matxani. Our secret ingredients are love for the traditional, time and a lot of love in everything we do.

The extension of the farm is 10 hectares, which is enough to keep a flock of sheep and our burritos Jordi and Consuelo. They all appreciate the visits, especially if accompanied by a present like a piece of bread leftover breakfast, a carrot, etc.. The young lambs are funny and charming, you'll see!

Distributed by porches and barn of Matxani can observe up to 5 different horse carts, and other farming tools.

Matxani is located 1.5 kilometers from the small town of Sant Climent and 400 meters from the nearest road, so that there is peace and tranquility. Although Matxani is near the airport of Menorca, its location away from the headwaters of the tracks cause discomfort are almost negligible.

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